ParaPsi College

Prepare yourself for the Ivy League of paranormal educational experiences.  The ParaPsi College weekend is an event like no other, where you will find yourself immersed in a collegial atmosphere of science and speculation, interactions and entertainments, curiosities and experiments, mystery, history and high jinks…to name but a few.

Are You Ready for the ParaPsi College?

ParaPsi College – It’s About Time

Your ever-thoughtful Administrators felt it was time to take paranormal education to an adventurous new level.  Hence our theme:  “It’s About Time.”  And it really is. Consider the following: Do the past and the future influence paranormal experience in the present?  Can hauntings and apparitions only arise from the past?  How are time and consciousness connected?


Only a small group of the studious sort will be admitted to the College (meaning, space is limited to ensure favorable faculty-to-student ratios).  So how do you become part of this veritable venue of varsity verisimilitude and become an Alum of the Class of 2017?  The answer is simple:


FIRST: You buy a HALL PASS.  Now.

This is your one price full-access registration to the event - $349.00 per student


The HALL PASS confers full attendance to all speakers’ presentations, workshops, entertainments, and includes the following meals:


  • Friday evening "Psychical Soiree" hors d’ouevres

  • Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets

  • Sunday morning's "Last Rites" breakfast buffet


All for a tuition of just $349.00 per student. 

Buy Your HALL PASS Here:


Wanting to spend the whole weekend on campus?  We thought you might.  Student housing is also available – read on!


SECOND: Reserve your private “homeroom” (lodging) for your two night stay through the ParaPsi College registration page. (Do not contact Manresa Castle directly for reservations – they will just roll their eyes and mutter something about “freshmen”…).


“Homerooms” are limited and available on a first come/first served basis, with a maximum of two persons for double occupancy rooms. Please note this is the total room cost for your two-night stay and not per night:


  • $218.00  =  "The Dorm Norm" (Single w/Courtyard view)

  • $238.00  =  "The Grad Pad" (Double w/Water view)

  • $338.00  =  "The Upperclass Stash" (Small suite)

  • $378.00  =  "The Masters Manor" (Deluxe suite)

Reserve "The Dorm Norm" ($218 for two nights)


Reserve "The Grad Pad" ($238 for two nights)
Reserve "The Upperclass Stash" ($338 for two nights)
Reserve "The Masters Manor" ($378 for two nights)
It’s so simple, even a plebe can manage it.  So Class, once again for clarity:


1.  Purchase your HALL PASS through this website (PayPal Button)

2.  If you wish, also purchase a “HOMEROOM” from the menu options

3.  Students will receive an email confirmation of their registration and room assignment, followed by news and updates as they become available


If you’re ready for something different, then you’re ready for ParaPsi College. 


If you have any questions, please contact us.

The Fine Print (Please read.  There may be a quiz.)


*Cancellation Policy.  Registration sales are final, and tuition refunds will not be issued.  Room cancellations will be refunded in full until 8/20/17.  After 8/20/17, lodging refunds will only be issued if the room can be filled from the lodging wait list.  If the cancelled room cannot be filled, no refund will be issued.


*Lodging Assignments.  ParaPsi College will make every effort to ensure your room assignment.  Please understand that if circumstances beyond our control occur at the Castle (if a room becomes uninhabitable), ParaPsi College reserves the right to reassign or substitute accommodations if necessary. 


* Personal Accommodations.  Manresa Castle is an historic property without wheelchair access (many stairs, no elevator).  ParaPsi College is also unable to accommodate dietary restrictions for this event.


*ParaPsi College is considered a “closed campus” for registered participants only.