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Dear Friends ~


Thank you for visiting my website and for your many years of loyalty.


At this time, I am on an important inner journey of restoration and renewal and will not be available for readings or bookings for a while. Please allow me this brief time to walk on my personal sacred path, and rest assured, when I am finished I will return, ready to assist you in making connections with your loved ones on the Other Side.


If you would like to be put on a waiting list to be notified the moment I reopen my readings, please click the button below. Until then, I send you blessings and love as you embrace your own journey.


~ Ankhasha

Work with Ankhasha

I want to thank all of you who have been loyal clients of mine through the years and let you know that I consider it a great honor to read for you. At this time, I am not taking any new bookings for readings. Please join the waitlist above for when I reopen my books to schedule readings. 

I am immensely grateful for all of your support and understanding.

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Private Phone Readings

$300 for 45 minutes

Are you here seeking a reading because you are in grief having lost someone and hope to reconnect with them by receiving messages from them on the Other Side? These full-length sessions will give you clear and meaningful messages from your loved ones and spirit guides.

$150 for 20 minutes

Need just a few questions answered in a hurry? Due to the number of requests I have been getting, I am now offering shorter 20-minute sessions for $150.


These 20-minute calls are not spirit contact sessions but a way for you to receive quick guidance and answers in any area of your spiritual path. I set aside a few of these time slots on Mondays just for that purpose and often they can be scheduled sooner than a full 45-minute session.

If you would like to schedule a reading, please read this section below then join the waitlist below. 

I will call you at the time of your reading. I do not accept or place International Calls.

I do not do readings by Skype, FaceTime, or video chat.

After you submit your payment, email me at with the information listed on the booking page to secure your session. My office will reply within 72 hours after you email me to provide you with the first available appointment. All appointment slots are now on Mondays between 10am - 7pm Pacific Time.

Questions?  Please carefully read the information below, under "How to prepare for your reading" or visit FAQ. 

Your questions are likely answered there (except for the meaning of life, which requires its own heading!)

If you're ready to book your session, press the button below to make your payment. Then, remember to send me an email letting me know you completed payment and answering the questions listed on the booking page. 

Not sure if you're ready for a private reading? Looking for a way to test the waters?


Whether you are brand new to the idea of a mediumship reading or you're looking for a more affordable experience, my Virtual Gallery may be a great option for you to start. Click the button below and learn more on my Events page to see if a Virtual Gallery might be the right fit.



Due to the large number of emails Ankhasha and her team receive, we are unable to respond to non-booking-related questions. Furthermore, Ankhasha will not consult on any criminal investigations unless directed to do so by a law enforcement agency. All clients must be over 18 years of age.


Ankhasha will never offer to remove an entity from you or remove a “curse” from you. 

Due to her full schedule, Ankhasha is unable to participate in testing or surveys on mediumship without prior approval from Dr. Julie Beischel of the Windbridge Research Center.

How to Prepare For Your Reading

Yes, I am able to make connections with the Other Side for you, even over the phone! 

To schedule your reading,  you must complete your payment. I cannot schedule you without your payment being received. After your payment is received by my office, please email me directly at and tell me you have paid for the reading, and let me know the following:


  1. Your name and if different than the name on your payment, who the reading is to be scheduled for.

  2. Your time zone and the phone number I should call to reach you at the time of your reading.

  3. How you were referred to me (Windbridge, friend, media, etc.)


Within 72 hours (usually much sooner)  after I receive both your payment and personal email with the information above, I will contact you directly by email to offer you my next available appointment time. I will do my best to schedule your reading for the soonest date possible.

On the day of your reading...


Please turn off all other phones beyond the one used for our call; this includes cell phones and landlines. 

Please also turn off other devices, including TVs, radios, etc. 


Make certain you are in a quiet place undisturbed by children, pets, and outside activity.   


Your reading will start and stop at the scheduled time, so please be prompt as I have

other clients and need to be respectful of everyone’s time. 


How can you get the most out of your reading?


First, prepare a list of questions or concerns you wish to discuss relating to any area of your life. 


However, if you don’t have an area you want to focus on, then you may receive information regarding subjects that were not your primary reasons for getting a reading. There are many areas I may pick up on, and for people who start a reading by saying, “Just tell me whatever comes up,” they can end up with unanswered questions because of their lack of focus or intention.  


If you are trying to contact someone who has passed on, I do suggest you spend some time prior to the reading asking them to make contact. You may want to surround yourself with photos or important items connected to your loved one.  


Most importantly, clear your mind, open your heart, and listen. Just because something may not make sense at the time doesn’t mean it won’t click for you later.

I hold everything you tell me in the highest confidence. I am not the judge of your past,  present, or future, so please understand there is nothing you can disclose to me that will shock me or make me think less of you, ever. 


You can ask questions at any time during the reading.


You may also record your reading if you wish, as long as you ask for my permission at the beginning of our session. I will not waste your time giving you information that is not meaningful or directly applicable to your life.

Group Readings and Speaking Engagements


I offer readings for small groups or businesses that wish for me to come to their group or organization location. These readings are a great way for family members to connect with loved ones they may have in common. 


The fee for a group reading depends on the location and travel arrangements. Please contact my office here for more information and to book an in person reading.


Please Keep in Mind....


I am a professional psychic medium, not a doctor, lawyer, or financial advisor. I recommend that you seek professional advice on any medical, legal, or financial matter that we may discuss during your reading. 


I urge you to avoid anyone who demands you work only with them, or offers to remove a curse from you for money, especially those who tell you to keep their financial demands secret. No ethical psychic or spiritual teacher would require this of you. Listen to your inner voice and avoid them at all costs. 


You will always be treated with understanding and compassion. I will tell you the truth as it is given to me. Your reading and any information you reveal to me is strictly confidential. I do not share or sell my client list and will not bombard you with emails or offers. 

The Virtual Gallery

Virtual Gallery

The Gallery of Spirit Connections

$100 ~ 90 Minute Virtual Event

Are you curious about how mediums make connections with your loved ones on the other side but don't feel ready to book a private reading? The Gallery of Spirit Connections offers you a way to experience what a reading with me is like, before diving headfirst into a more personal experience.


If you're new to the ways of connecting with Spirit, this is the perfect place to start by dipping your toes in!


The Gallery is exactly like my in-person group presentations but is offered in a small private group Zoom session for 90 minutes. You can attend in the comfort of your own home. 


The event will begin with a short introduction of what to expect and how to participate, followed by Spirit contact readings and even a Q&A period. Every virtual gallery event will last for 90 minutes, and the registration fee is $100 per person. 


To secure your seat at this private event, you can register below. If our system blocks your registration, the event is sold out. Please contact my office to be put on a waiting list for the next one! Although not every participant can be guaranteed a reading, due to the limited number of seats, the odds are good that someone from your spirit family will show up. Don’t miss this!

After your registration, you will receive a Zoom link from our office, and when the date and time of the meeting arrive, you will click the link to join.

This virtual event is offered two times a year, in the winter and spring, and is limited to 12 people. 




Upcoming Dates

Dates Pending - Stay tuned!

Coming Soon
Book a Reading

Have you worked with me before? Explore my advanced experiences...


If you are a past or current client, you may be eligible to partake in my other services, such as my Rabbit Hole sessions. You can learn more about those by pressing the button below. 


Book a reading with me...


On the next page, you will be asked to complete payment with PayPal and then email me at with the information requested on the booking page in order to secure space in my calendar. Thank you!

REMINDER: At this time, my books are closed for readings. Join the waitlist below for when I reopen them. 


The paranormal has fascinated me my whole life. I have had many psychic readings, but Ankhasha stands apart from the others. I walked into the reading a bit of a jaded skeptic and walked out a believer."

— Robin Western, Monroe, WA


“I found Ankhasha wonderfully compassionate, perceptive and accurate. Her guidance has provided peace and a path ahead. I will continue to seek her direction as I move forward.” 

— Sherry Laney 

— Robin Western, Monroe, WA

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