Testimonial 1:  William G. Everist

   Let me take this opportunity to introduce a good friend of mine, Neva Ankhasha Amenti.  I was introduced to Neva in late January, 2005, when on assignment as a feature writer for   


Ghost! Magazine at the “40th Parapsychology Foundation International Conference on the study of Mediumship” in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Loyd Auerbach, a former instructor of mine


in the Parapsychology Department at Johns F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California had been invited to do a presentation discussing his experiences working with individuals who


had identified themselves as psychics that had the capability of communicating with discarnate entities.  Having worked with several psychics and mediums since the early 1980s,


Auerbach proudly introduced Neva Ankhasha as one of the individuals who had accompanied him on numerous spontaneous case investigations in order to provide an enhanced


understanding of the phenomena occurring in these alleged haunted environments.  After meeting with her, following the presentation, I realized that I too, wanted to work with her in


the investigations I conducted.  Our geographical separation was the only handicap.  She lived in the Seattle, Washington area and I resided in Tucson, Arizona.  Just how could we


accomplish this?  Having taught parapsychology at Pima Community College in Tucson for several years, I would often conduct class experiments with my students.  One exercise that has


been consecutively popular over the years was a replication of remote viewing (a.k.a. clairvoyance).  Both myself, and my students have been repeatedly impressed with the level of


success obtained in our simple attempts to see various target sites at a distance.  In my frustrated desire to have Neva personally join our paranormal investigation group, once on a


whim, I suggested that she join us at a distance.  I had no idea what to expect, but was curious to know if this would really work outside the classroom.  On the day of our investigation, I


told Neva where we would be and when to join us.  As it was, our team was meeting at a roadside rest stop, half-way up a mountain, just north of the city.  Coincidentally, there was no


cell phone access and I was beginning to think that perhaps we should just give up on the whole idea.  Consequently, we continued on with the investigation and after its completion 


returned to town.  Back in town, we stopped at a local restaurant to review our experiences and collectively record our common impressions.  Still later that evening, after I’d returned


home, I checked my emails and found several messages from Neva.  She had recorded her impressions and transcribed them for inclusion in our collected data.  As I read her notes, I was


thoroughly impressed.  Her notes began with a detailed account of our team’s roadside meeting as each team member arrived.  She had psychically met a group of total strangers at a


rendezvous site that she had never seen before and began a chronological account of our meeting.  Her documentation was flawless, describing not only the events, but also the


emotions and physical conditions of those in attendance.  Subsequent emails detailed her impressions of the investigation site, providing a validation of the impressions earlier recorded


by our team.  But, to read the documentation of a course of events that I witnessed from a third person’s point of view is one thing, to actually experience it first hand is yet another.  On a


subsequent investigation, I asked Neva to meet us at the haunted hotel site.  Consequently, since it was a four-hour journey to the site, I concentrated primarily on the driving.  Upon our


arrival, I noticed that parking was in back of the hotel and after finding a convenient spot, we unloaded the luggage and went to the lobby to check in.  It was a very classy, ornate,


historical hotel and I was very impressed with the glitz and gold.  However, my impression of the hotel would pale by comparison, after the investigation, when I returned to Tucson and


looked through the emails that Neva had sent.   Her emails revealed impressions that she had from the moment we reached the hotel.  As asked, she psychically met us at the hotel and


had described my complete experience, step by step, from the parking lot to our room.  It was as though she had walked every step in my shoes throughout the entire distance.  Neva  


had proven to me that there is no boundary to consciousness.


William G. Everist