Testimonial 2:  Hanakia Zedek


Ankhasha is truly a surprise. She is an opportunity that few get in a lifetime. She is the real deal; the real McCoy! I have worked with and for many mediums including James Van Praagh and her skill surpasses them all. No gimmicks, no tricks, no baiting, no spotters, it’s all her. Ankhasha is a true Seer on all levels. She accesses the deceased directly and speaks with them about them and those that they assist or oversee. I don’t give this testimonial/recommendation lightly and I don’t compliment. My name and reputation is not something I have never offered, for anyone, save Ankhasha! Hanakia Zedek


 Ankhasha goes places no one else can or will. I have personally experienced and witnessed this on many occasions. HZ