Ankhasha's Client Testimonials

"Ankhasha Amenti gave me the greatest gift I have ever received, next to the birth of my precious daughter, Sandy, on Christmas Day forty-nine years ago, who passed away five years and ten days later. Ankhasha brought her through for me and her messages and information were totally correct and meaningful and proved to me that we would be together again. Thank you Ankhasha, for the peace and love you have restored to my heart.”

- Susan


Ankhasha has been a spiritual advisor for me for several years now. Her intuitive gift is truly amazing and she has effectively guided me through some big decisions in my life. Her readings are always so powerful and have specific meaning to me. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to better navigate through this life, or connect with loved ones who have passed on.

- Rhea Schneider, co-owner of Wish & Rainy Day Antiques in Port Gamble, WA


The "paranormal" has fascinated me my whole life. I have had many psychic readings, but Ankhasha stands apart from the others. I walked into the reading a bit of a jaded skeptic and walked out a believer."

- Robin Western, Monroe, WA


We were very comfortable with Ankhasha because she was very professional and respectful when performing a reading for our family. We loved that she was a warm, patient and kind person and were impressed with her ability to pass on messages from our loved ones. There were a couple of skeptics in the group and after the reading they were glad they were a part of the experience. The messages Ankhasha brought were very helpful to several family members that needed some healing words. We definitely plan to have other readings with Ankhasha."

- Lynn


"I cannot say enough about how wonderful and amazing Ankhasha is! The power and knowledge that she emanates is palpable - you can tell that she takes her work seriously and has devoted many years to mastering her abilities. I first saw her at a gallery reading at the Port Gamble Ghost Conference, and was instantly drawn to her and knew that I had to schedule time with her privately. She was able to help me connect with my beloved grandmas who have passed, providing validating information that she could not have known other than by connecting with their energy. The healing that it brought me was life changing! Ankhasha is now my dear friend and spiritual adviser, and has recently taken me through an incredible past life regression that provided life changing insight and healing. Words cannot express how highly I recommend her!" -Amber Pato, freelance artist at, Seattle, WA

-Amber Pato


“I found Ankhasha wonderfully compassionate, perceptive and accurate. Her guidance has provided peace and a path ahead. I will continue to seek her direction as I move forward.”

-Sherry Laney



“Ankhasha was so right on about personal things that no one could know. She helped me understand the situation I am currently going through. I am thankful for her guidance and quick turnaround in getting me an appointment. It was exactly what I needed.” -

-Roni Walsh   


“Ankhasha Amenti sees and works at a depth that is unheard of. I consider myself extremely blessed to have met her and to have the opportunity to work with her. Whether she is doing a gallery reading or a private session, she holds true to an extraordinary level of integrity and the highest standard of precision. Ankhasha is one of the rare individuals who holds my deepest respect and gratitude. We are incredibly lucky to have Ankhasha here with us in this day and age. Thank you, Ankhasha, for who you are and what you do, on every level!”

-Karen Andrews


"Ankhasha gave us details about my mother-in-law's passing that we never would have known otherwise—details that were later confirmed by other family members. Her kindness, compassion, and most of all, patience, are amazing. She is truly gifted. In addition, my past-life regression with Ankhasha was a real eye opener for me. It helped me understand a number of things about myself, and has prompted me to make some really positive changes in my daily life and relationships. She is a master hypnotherapist, and I recommend her highly."

-Char Stevens  


"Ankhasha helped my family tremendously on the closure and feelings of guilt with the passing of our mom. I am eternally grateful to her for helping to lifting those feelings from my brother, especially. Her readings were exactly on the mark. She is an amazing psychic and a wonderful person."

-Pam Owens    


“Having a reading with Ankhasha was amazing! She was able to tell me things I had said to my father before he passed that only he and I would have known word for word. That made me a believer. She's the real thing, there is no doubt.”

-Deanna French    


We had an amazing session with Ankhasha where she helped us say goodbye to my son’s dad who died unexpectedly. This is what we both needed to move on in peace. Her session room was the most amazing work of art I have ever seen. I’ve tried to explain it, but nothing replaces seeing it. Ankhasha, despite my huge skepticism, knew things that no one else by our passed loved one would know. We left in awe and would recommend to anyone who needs to make that precious connection.

- Shelli


I brought my sister to a reading and four people came through to talk to her. Ankhasha was spot-on with incredibly specific information. There is nothing "vague" about her gifts, and it helped us both to find forgiveness in our hearts and let go of anger.

- Kirsten


Our visit to Ankhasha was recommended by a recent client of hers. As we drove to our appointment, we walked into her office with skepticism. But, our reading was inspiring. She helped us connect with our loved ones, which brought tears and smiles to our faces at the same time. We miss our loved ones terribly, but with Ankhasha's reading, she showed us that they are with us constantly and knowing that helps fill the empty spaces in our hearts from losing them. She shared inspiring messages that gave us something to look forward to. We are now believers. I would definitely see her again and I would gladly recommend her to my family and friends.

- Kara


Some time ago I was an audience member at a conference where Ankhasha Amenti spoke; she impressed me then as an intelligent, easily approachable, and gifted woman. I chose to consult with her knowing she had been vetted through the rigorous screening processes at the Windbridge Institute.  Through scheduling interaction, the reading, and then afterwards ( when she voluntarily sent me some relevant information),  Ankhasha Amenti has proven to be competent, compassionate, and skilled. She responded to me quickly and professionally. During the session she immediately focused on my situation, comprehended a complex background, and plainly explained what she perceived. She offered highly evidential information and reassuring, helpful advice. I have now recommended her to two others, including a family member. 

- Kathy


Receiving a reading from Ankhasha was by far the best gift I've ever given to myself.  I've always been fascinated by mediums and the idea that one could bring a message from the departed. At the same time, I was nervous about somehow betraying what I have been taught by the Church most of my life.  Immediately, Ankhasha put me at ease with her warm personality and kindness.  I felt safe and that I could trust her.   Right away she came through with concrete information that she could not have known and I instantly knew  she had connected with my loved one.  Her reading provided answers, comfort, security, hope and helped to restore my belief.  It's hard to put into words what that felt like.  All I can say is that it felt like a miracle and I will forever be grateful.   Ankhasha has a rare and amazing gift. It would be wonderful if everyone hoping to hear from a loved one who has passed could experience what I did.  I wish that for everyone. 

- Tiffani


Ankhasha's reading provide my wife and I with valuable insight while provided real detailed information. We had a lot of questions, an Ankhasha was happy to go over each and every one of our concerns. She imparted valuable spiritual advice. We're tried a few psychics out and Ankhasha is by far the best!

- Courtney K.


Ankhasha is an amazing soul with an amazing gift. She made me feel at ease, secure, and gave me so much insight and validation into current life decisions and directions that I had been grappling with. Ankhasha was able to give me details about my life and circumstances that only I would have known. She is a shining light, and I look forward to the opportunity to meet with her again.

- Danielle, Vancouver


I  made an appointment with Ankhasha about three months after I lost my partner to a long-term illness and I was aching with grief.  This was my first experience with a medium and frankly, I was hopeful but also quite skeptical.  Ankhasha’s warm and loving demeanor immediately came thru when she contacted me for our appointment. Apparently, my loved one was very anxious to communicate with me and he immediately began to message her with very specific details/evidence about his illness, profession, our car and home, and very personal conversations that he and I had only days before he passed away.  Within 15 minutes, all of my skepticism melted away and I spent a joyous hour communicating with my loved one with the help of Ankhasha.

Ankhasha is very clearly an experienced medium who is an expert in these communications.  I would have no hesitation whatsoever to recommend her to others who are seeking to connect with their loved ones who have passed to the other side.



My reading with Ankhasha was one of the most healing experiences that I’ve had since the death of my loved one. Ankhasha provided evidence that she couldn’t have otherwise known unless she was connected with the other side. I’m not sure if this happens for everyone, but I even received signs from my loved one during the reading that let me know Ankhasha was indeed connected. Ankhasha truly has a gift and we’re all so lucky that she’s able to share her gift with the world.

-  Crystal, Seattle

Professional References

As a Windbridge Certified Research Medium, Ankhasha is a member of an elite team of mediums who were screened and vetted using peer-reviewed scientific methods. Since 2010, she has volunteered her time to research and her active participation in numerous studies has allowed us to make important discoveries about mediumship.
--Julie Beischel, PhD
Director of Research
Windbridge Research Center
"studying dying, death, and what comes next"


I have known and worked with Ankhasha for 15 years. She has been a student of mine and an exceptional psychic and mediumistic resource for me and for the people I work with. Ankhasha and I have co-presented many classes together and I often refer people to her.

- Loyd Auerbach, President, Forever Family Foundation, San Francisco Bay area


Loyd Auerbach, M.S. 

Director, The Office of Paranormal Investigations

President, Forever Family Foundation

Professor, Atlantic University

Instructor, HCH Institute, Parapsychological Studies

Adjunct Professor, JFK University

Rhine Research Center Board of Directors

Forever Family Foundation Scientific Advisory Board

Windbridge Institute Advisory Board

Additional Professional References Available Upon Request