An Evening with Ankhasha

Psychic readings with your personal heirlooms at the Haunted Histories and Mysteries of Port Townsend.

The Victorian Seaport of Port Townsend, WA was founded in 1851. Our colorful town has many tales to tell—of shipwrecks, shanghaiing, lost loves, unexplained events and a haunted past that is felt even today. Be open to the possibilities. Come for a weekend of ghostly fun along the waterfront at one of our town’s newest events: “Haunted Histories & Mysteries of Port Townsend.”

  • Guided “Haunted Walks” Downtown with Key City Public Theatre

  • “Paranormal Investigations” at three historic buildings 

  • Escape Room–“Key City Jail Break: Escape from the Museum”

  • “An Evening with the Psychic Ankhasha”

  • Flashlight Tours of the 1868 Rothschild House

  • DIY Paranormal Classes

  • Historic Building Tour of the 1889 Hastings Building…and more!

Date: Saturday November 2nd

Time: 6pm

Location: 607 Water Street, Port Gamble Washington

10th Annual Port Gamble Ghost Conference

Date:  November 9th 2019

Time: 6pm

Location:  The Point Casino and Hotel

Are you curious how psychic mediums connect with the “other side?” Join us for an exclusive evening with professional psychic medium, speaker, and media personality Ankhasha Amenti, who will give a unique view into the history of mediumship and how the process works. She will give a demonstration of her abilities by offering readings to members of the audience and will also answer your burning questions. As a Windbridge Certified Research Medium, Ankhasha Amenti is one of a select group of highly respected mediums who has shown the ability to deliver meaningful messages from departed loved ones. Don’t miss this exciting evening of discovery and messages from the other side. (Not all attendees are guaranteed a reading)

Total cost for the event is $35.