Very Important!  


A personal message from Ankhasha

I want to thank all of you who have been loyal clients of mine through the years and let you know that I consider it a great honor to read for you.   At this time my reading schedule is very full and booked several months in advance, however we will do our best to accommodate you.  In order to do that, please remember to do the following: 


1.     Only phone readings are available.  If you would like to schedule a reading,  hit the” Buy Now” key. That allows you to make a payment for the reading and reserve the next time open in my schedule. We cannot hold times without booking in advance.

2.     Include your contact name, email, phone number and how you were referred to me.  

We will be contacting you by email within 72 hours after you book to provide you with the first available appointment.


  Questions?  Please read carefully the information under the "How to prepare for your reading" section below on this page.  Most of your questions are answered there (except the meaning of life and that requires its own heading) however, if you don’t find your answer there, please feel free to contact us HERE.

Due to the large amount of emails Ankhasha receives, she is unable to respond to non-booking related questions.  Ankhasha also will not consult on demons or  negative spirits.  Furthermore, Ankhasha will not consult on any criminal investigations unless directed to do so by a law enforcement agency.  


I am immensely grateful for all of your support and understanding.

Phone Reading

  • 45 Minutes - $300

Group Readings / Speaking Engagements

  • 90 Minutes - Starting at $1000

After submitting your payment, please  CLICK HERE  to provide booking details.
  • International Calls Available at Client's Expense 
  • At this time, due to our poor Skype reception, Skype calls are not available

Additional travel fees may apply. Please contact Ankhasha HERE and include a requested time frame, location, your contact information, number of people attending and how you were referred to receive a price quote and availability.  For speaking engagements, click HERE

How to prepare for your reading!

Phone Readings  


Yes, I am able to make connections for you even over the phone!  When you book a phone reading please include the following: 1. Your name, the phone number I will be calling you on, and email. Also include your time zone ,  who referred you to me or how you heard about me.  I will do my best to accommodate you. When your payment is confirmed, my scheduling manager will contact you by email within 48 hours to schedule your reading.  Turn off all cell phones, TV’s, radios, etc. Make certain you are in a quiet place undisturbed by children, pets, and outside activity.   Your reading time starts and stops at the scheduled time, so please be prompt as I have other clients either in person or on the phone waiting.   All clients must be over 18 years of age.

How can you get a good reading?  First prepare a list of questions or concerns you wish to discuss relating to any area of your life. There is no need to give me a great deal of information, however, if you don’t have an area you want to focus on, then you may receive information regarding areas of your life that are not your primary reasons for getting a reading.  There are many areas I may pick up and people who start out a reading by saying, “Just tell me whatever comes up” can end up with some unanswered questions because of their lack of focus.  If you are trying to contact someone who has passed on, I do suggest you spend some time prior to the reading asking them to make contact.  Most importantly, clear your mind, open your heart and listen.  Just because something may not make sense at the time, doesn’t mean it won’t later.

I hold everything you tell me in the highest confidence.  I am also not the judge of your past present or future, so please understand there is nothing you can disclose to me that will shock me or make me think less of you.  You can ask questions at any time during the reading.  You may also record your reading if you wish as long as you ask for my permission at the beginning of your reading.  I will not waste your time giving you information that is not meaningful or directly applicable to your life. 

Group Readings / Speaking Engagements


I offer readings for small groups or businesses that wish to have me come to their home or business location. This allows for a more intimate experience in the comfort and privacy of one's own surroundings.  This is also a great way for family members to connect with loved ones they may have in common.  The reading lasts for 1 ½ hours and is only available within certain areas.  The cost for a group reading is $1000 and up depending on location and travel arrangements.  Please contact my office HERE for more information.

I am a professional psychic medium, not a doctor, lawyer, or financial advisor.  I recommend that you seek professional advice on any medical, legal or financial matter that we may discuss during your reading.  I DO NOT SUPPORT THE CONCEPT OF DEMON POSSESSION SO IF THAT IS YOUR INTEREST, I AM NOT YOUR PSYCHIC MEDIUM.  I WILL NEVER OFFER TO REMOVE AN ENTITY FROM YOU OR REMOVE A “CURSE” FROM YOU.  I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO AVOID ANYONE WHO OFFERS THESE SERVICES TO YOU AS THEY ARE NOT SUPPORTED BY THE LEGITIMATE FIELD OF PARAPSYCHOLOGY.


You will always be treated with understanding and compassion.  I will tell you the truth as it is given to me.  Your reading and any information you reveal to me is strictly confidential.  I do not share or sell my client list and will not bombard you with emails and offers.