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Ankhasha Amenti is a professional Psychic Medium, a Hypnotist specializing in Past Life regressions, and a Field Investigator with the Office of Paranormal Investigations. In 2011, she became a Windbridge Certified Research Medium. 


Years ago, she hosted a radio show called The Open Door with Ankhasha. She has been a contributor to Ghost Magazine and is featured in several of Loyd Auerbach’s books, including Ghost Hunting-How to Investigate the Paranormal, A Paranormal Casebook, and The Ghost Detectives Guide to Haunted San Francisco.

In her career, Ankhasha has appeared on TV and has been interviewed on several radio shows and podcasts, including White Shores with Theresa Cheung. 

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Ankhasha is an ongoing feature contributor to,,, and

To get in touch regarding media inquiries, speaking engagements, or interview requests, please reach out here.

Appearances Include

Professional Reccomendations


"As a Windbridge Certified Research Medium, Ankhasha is a member of an elite team of mediums who were screened and vetted using peer-reviewed scientific methods. Since 2010, she has volunteered her time to research, and her active participation in numerous studies has allowed us to make important discoveries about mediumship."

- Julie Beischel, PhD
Director of Research

Windbridge Research Center
"Studying dying, death, and what comes next."


"I have known and worked with Ankhasha for 15 years. She has been a student of mine and an exceptional psychic and mediumistic resource for the people I work with and for myself. Ankhasha and I have co-presented many classes together, and I often refer people to her."

- Loyd Auerbach

Director, The Office of Paranormal Investigations

President, Forever Family Foundation

Professor, Atlantic University

Instructor, HCH Institute, Parapsychological Studies

Adjunct Professor, JFK University

Rhine Research Center Board of Directors

Forever Family Foundation Scientific Advisory Board

Windbridge Institute Advisory Board

Additional Professional References Available Upon Request

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