Q:  What can I discuss during a reading?  


A:  Your reading time belongs to you, so you are welcome to discuss and question any aspect of your life, your career, family, past, present, future, past life experiences, or other areas.  Since I am a Psychic Medium, I can assist in bringing messages from your loved ones on the other side 

Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  Can you help me develop my psychic and/or mediumship abilities? 


A: Yes, however I have been working on these abilities all my life.  I can certainly assist you in developing them and learning how to control them, but it takes many years of intense study, practice and dedication before you should even consider using them to help others or to do readings.  Sadly, there are tens of thousands of so-called psychics/mediums who have had a few experiences themselves and then decide to get some business cards and perform readings. Their eagerness but lack of preparation ends up not providing clients with a quality reading and gives the entire field a bad reputation. To truly excel in this field takes years of development, dedication, practice, and a significant amount of inner work. If you want to really be a professional psychic or psychic medium, I can assist you on that journey.  But there are no shortcuts. 

Q:  My child is seeing a ghost, can you help us? 

A: Yes, I love working with families and especially children that are having psychic experiences.  Children need to be assured they are safe and powerful enough to deal with their experiences.  True psychic phenomena is nothing like what you see in the movies-I promise you an evil clown doll will not possess your child and they will not get sucked into another dimension through their closet.  Unless you make them believe they will. 

Q:  What is the most important thing you have learned in life?


A: To let go of whatever you believe, to let go of how you think your life should be, and to allow life to move through you instead of resisting it…...  That allows you to embrace everything that is and you understand true contentment and happiness.

Q:  What are the winning lottery numbers?
A: I’m not telling!
Q:  Why, if I click on the door below, can I not get in?


A:  If you have the password you can open the door to Wonderland!  Input your password now.  Remember, only Ankhasha’s Inner Journey clients have the password. To become an Inner Journey client you must be invited.  If you would like to know more about becoming an Inner Journey client, ask Ankhasha at your next reading.