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Portal of The Inner World


Take a Breath

Behind this doorway, we will discover how to develop our psychic senses, practice the fundamentals of psychic breathing, explore visualization and then take a relaxing journey to enhance our confidence in our psychic senses.

Step right in!

This Door is Locked

Openings and Closings

In this doorway, we continue our foundational work with meditation, learning how to draw in the Universal Light, how to open our psychic mind, how to shield ourselves from unwanted chatter, and how to close our sensing mind to preserve our strength. 

This Door is Locked

Making Sense

Step through this doorway and discover the many “Clairs” of psychic sense, including seeing, hearing, feeling, and others! Most importantly, we learn how to make our psychic sense work for us and not the other way around.

You are in charge!

This Door is Locked

You're Surrounded

As we move through this doorway we learn how to feel and see energy through sensitizing our abilities to the energy that is all around us.  You will gain confidence in your psychic abilities as we practice together seeing Auras and working with energy orbs with our hands.

It’s easier than you think, you can do it!

This Door is Locked

I Know What You're Thinking

This doorway opens to reveal how to use Telepathy to understand others and to help them to understand you. Together, we will look at the many ways “mind to mind” communications can help your work, enhance your personal relationships and even give you an edge on understanding that crazy pet of yours!

This Door is Locked

Work Your Core

Are you ready for a workout? You may have to push hard to open this doorway as we practice several exercises for developing strong psychic senses.

Regular use of these techniques will help you strengthen and sharpen your “Psychic Core” and give you confidence in yourself. No spandex required!

This Door is Locked

Wheels and Spoons

This final Doorway in your Inner World will leave your head spinning, along with everything else. This is a hands-on, fun, and engaging playtime where you and I get to see the real results of our efforts through the use of Wheels and Spoons.

You will be surprised what your mind and your psychic energy can do! Join the fun!

This Door is Locked
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