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What To Do When You’re At a Crossroads

How often have we come to a crossroads in our lives, a moment in time where we are not sure of which way to go? We all face them and throughout my life, I have faced many. A difficult decision looms, perhaps in our love relationships or our career, and every direction we turn seems fraught with danger or uncertainty.

Do we leave our current relationship, take that new job and move across the country, or should we just keep things in our life as they are? With these uncertain times, stepping out and making a drastic change can create enormous anxiety. Making a decision can be scary, but don’t panic!

These moments in time when we face these decisions are sometimes referred to as “crossroads” moments. So, let’s step back now and look at what exactly is meant by a crossroad. In the ancient world, the intersection of roads were called crossroads. Often there were several roads that would cross each other and as travelers went along their journey, they were often met with numerous choices of which way to go, which path to take that would take them to their final destination.

Today we depend on road signs, GPS navigation or another passenger who knows the way to give us directions, but in those days, the choice to take was not always so simple. Dangerous thieves would lie in wait at the crossroads, waiting for a traveler who seemed uncertain of their destination, and rob them whilst they stopped, confused and distracted.

The night was disorienting for those on a journey as it was difficult to know which way to turn, so at major crossroads the ancient Greeks began to place statues of the goddess Hecate and light torches in her hands to illuminate the way. She had three faces, each one facing a different direction and from the light of her torches and the position of each of her three faces a direction could be understood. It is in those three faces we can find three ways to make important decisions. Let us examine:

1. Your past: Before we make any life altering decision, we must look at our past. Do a deep inner search of your inner world and past decisions you have made, but don’t be too critical of yourself. Has your intuition served you well with past decisions, or has your inner voice taken you on roads leading to nowhere, heartache and failure? What happened when you made decisions from panic or fear and what have you learned since then?

2. Your present: Are you happy with staying where you are in the present, if you don’t make changes in your current situation? Is there something in your life right now that is not working for you? Would making a decision now change things for the better? Is there some voice from past programming, that tells you to play it safe? Listen to your inner self, without fear. This is your moment to make a change.

3. Your future: Look forward into your own future, even seeing yourself at the end of your life. If you do make this decision, what might that look like for you? Most people regret the things they didn’t do, the path they didn’t take. You can’t foresee everything. But you can choose a different path. Ask for a sign that will light the way, and ask a trusted friend who has walked the path before you. Most of the things you fear will never happen anyway, so why not step out in faith that the decision you are about to make will take you to a place of peace and confidence in your ability to navigate your own life.

We all face turning points in our lives when a “crossroads” decision must be made.

By taking these 3 steps and trusting the Universe to guide us, we can ensure we will make wise choices that will leave us feeling secure, energized and confident that we are on the right path for our own journey through life. With a little help from Hecate.

Ankhasha Amenti is a Windbridge Certified Research Medium with the highly respected Windbridge Research Center ( Her certification involved passing eight thorough screenings, testing and training steps during which her ability to report accurate and specific information about the deceased was scientifically tested under blinded conditions by Windbridge Institute Director of Research Julie Beischel, PhD. Her commitment is to give each of her clients a reading that provides comfort and validation that assures them their loved ones continue in spirit. In 2011 Ankhasha received the Annual Hospice Service Award from the Providence Hospice of Seattle. She lives a magical life in the misty forests of Washington State and can be reached by visiting her website


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