We will be unveiling some exciting updates soon but for the time being, you can learn more about my upcoming book Crossing a Sea of Stars below.

Crossing a Sea of Stars


Coming Soon to Amazon. Check back here for an update on its release!

It has been said that if your spouse dies, you are a widow or widower, and if your parents die, you are an orphan. But if your child dies, there is no word for it, because it is too terrible a role to give a name to. 


This is the true story of Amber Turnock, a beautiful and vivacious thirty-four-year-old young woman who had it all. Healthy, vibrant, fearless, successful, witty, and talented, she was surrounded by friends and family who adored her when she chose to take her own life in the early morning hours of February 2, 2018. All those who loved her were left in shock and disbelief, searching for answers and trying to make sense of a brilliant life cut short. 


Using Amber’s own words documenting her deepest thoughts, hopes and fears, most of which she kept hidden, her mother Ankhasha gives voice to her daughter’s pain and reveals the heartache of Amber’s powerful struggle to maintain an outwardly positive attitude and successful life while holding back the flood of crippling sadness. As Ankhasha reexamines Amber’s life to come to terms with unspeakable loss, she draws on her knowledge as a medium to consider how we can receive and draw strength from signs sent to us by our loved ones on the Other Side.


Written as a call to shine a light on our own internal struggles with depression, to find meaning in our lives, to reveal our lack of connection in a socially connected world, and to give hope to anyone who has lost a loved one, Crossing a Sea of Stars is Amber’s final gift to her friends, her family, and the world.